Transforming Organisations By Integrating Technologies

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Source : http://channelpostmea.com/2021/05/09/transforming-organisations-by-integrating-technologies/

Thanseerahammed Ootikkal, Manager of Energy Department at Pixcom Group of Companies elaborates how integrating legacy technologies with new advance set of technologies enable efficiency and enhanced productivity

System integration is a crowded and very competitive space; how would you position yourself in the market?System integration can be a crowded space, but when it comes to industry verticals like energy and utilities, it is a very niche area. It requires both domain knowledge and expertise of these industries, besides technical ability to serve such specialised environments.

Over the years, we have acquired skills and experience in understanding the legacy technologies and developed an core strength around it, which has lead Pixcom to emerge out to be one of the prime players in this segment. Today, we are in a unique position to integrate legacy technologies with new advance set of technologies that helps us transform organisations and enable them achieve better efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Which technologies are you currently focusing on and who are your key partners?
The energy division of Pixcom primarily focuses on Smart Grid communication technologies, Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence in Energy and OT Security.

We are closely working with our key partners such as Nokia, Engageblack, Sagemcom, Sinapsi, Mikronika and others. Also, we are building various applications integrating hardware and software.

Which industry verticals are you targeting?
Our main customers are different utilities and energy organizations, Oil & Gas companies, and major EPC companies in the region. When it comes to modernization and transformation in these organisations as compared to other enterprise customers, the journey is quite different, mainly because of the use of legacy technologies is on the higher side.

However, since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the need for technology upgadation has accelerated and most the organisations in these segments are moving ahead with transformation at a much faster pace.

The data model in these verticals is priceless and it can simply transform the way they are currently working. It can bring enormous monetary and non-monetary benefits including improved operational efficiency and predictability.

As a leading technology integrator for energy sector, we are investing further in such technologies that will help us plug the gap between IT and OT.

What unique propositions do you bring to the table and why should vendors look at Pixcom as a preferred partner?
We believe our experience, expertise, technical know how and clear understanding of our niche stands us out. This has also helped us in delivering projects and complete tasks promptly with the right technology. The trust of our customers in handing over such projects has enabled us to maintain a competitive edge and display our unique proposition in the market.

On a recent project, we have been provided with a solution for securing radio communication using the latest encryption technologies; we have implemented this on a legacy system and protocol; it used the latest AES-256 encryption technology on a legacy protocol to secure its telemetry communications. Our knowledge in handling such combinations of different flavours of legacy and latest technology distinguishes us from our competitive landscape.

Similar, we are developing suitable hardware and protocol interaction gateways and sensor modules for various applications without relying on other 3rd party companies on a customized requirement where customers have unique and specific challenges to solve. We have shown our commitment, dedication, patience to listen to customers and build the system for them and make us a reliable partner.

How was the start of the 2021 for you?
For us, it has been a great start for the year, we are engaging with many projects and tenders already. Business wise, we are expecting the year to positive as we are witnessing lot of traction in the market. We see Industrial IoT and OT security projects, will be the key requirements this year.