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Why choose PIXCOM LED Displays ?

High Brightness (≥9,000 For Outdoor & ≥1,500 For Indoor )
The Pixcom LED Screens are brighter and sharper than ever before. Even in desert sunlight, brighter sunny days in the Middle East which are the most challenging environmental light condition for any LED Screens.
Screwless Front and Rear Maintainability
Our LED displays are designed for fast and easy maintenance from both front and rear. Each module can be released by 2 turns of 180 degree from back or rear.
Low Power Consumption
We have reduced our environmental footprint in ways others can't. For starters, a highly efficient LEDs management reduces the amount of power wasted when bringing electricity to the LED tiles. Unlike a lot of LED screens, our screen uses energy-efficient hardware components that work hand in hand with the operating software to conserve power.
High Refresh Rate (≥4,800 Hz)
Refresh Rate defines how many times the content on the LED display repeats in each second. Pixcom LED Displays proposed for this project are designed with refresh rate ≥5,000 which eliminates the image twinkling effect and makes it comfortable for the human eyes to keep watching the display during day & night.
Uniform Color & High Contrast
Our LED Screens are built with first-selection LEDs. LED's are selected with just a few nanometers tolerance in color-wavelength, to ensure 100% color uniformity.
Works without Air-Condition in Middle East Environment
Our technology operates with a proprietary in-built ventilation system. The Pixcom in-built cooling system has been tested extensively in the desert heat of Dubai and other middle east countries and has proven successful.


Our wide range of fine pitch indoor LED displays provides a seamless canvas for displaying any digital content. They are easier to install and ensure long-life performance. They are available in nearly various size, providing a bright and clear picture in any indoor environment.

Image module
Image module


Our range of robust and reliable modular LED Screens are perfect for all outdoor applications. With the latest LED technology, they provide a superior viewing experience clear under direct sunlight. These are custom designed to work without external cooling and air-condition systems in the middle east outdoor environments.

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Our custom LED solutions can be used as an interior design element to create luxurious spaces to feature digital art, messages and advertising. These are available in various flat and curved configurations and can be completely customized as per your space and needs. Our innovative custom LED can transform any space into a digitally engaging environment.

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Image module


We at Pixcom have partnered with Novo Star, a global leading LED control solutions provider for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental. The product line ranges from LED display synchronous control system, LED display point-to-point calibration system to cloud-based management services etc. These products rely on each other, forming a complete ecosystem.
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