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Employee Wellness Changes Everything

Work Life can get quite stressful and it is important to let the employees break free from their professional day to day stress.

An employee is any company’s biggest asset and to win the marketplace we must first know to win at our workplace.

Mr. Shihas Kizhisseri, CEO of Pixcom Group of Companies says, “Everyone speaks about building a relationship with their customers but equally important is to believe in building a relationship with our employees. Making them happy will only help us climb the step towards success as we grow along.”

Pixcom Family welcomes the year 2020 in an energetic way with one Motto “Employee Wellness”. At Pixcom we always believe in keeping our family happy, which helps us grow together as one company.

Every individual is special and has some or the other hidden talent in them. By having wellness programs, Pixcom strives to bring out the best in them. This New Year we welcomed our employees with a friendly ‘Football Match’. It sure did seem to bring the hidden talent out in them.

Are your employees engaged and satisfied working with you? With your help and support they can be.

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