Illuminating Buildings & Creating Landmarks


Modern industrial buildings can not only be functionally illuminated with a custom light solution but can also be displayed in an attractive way. Light is used to accentuate architectural details and to place the focus on complete buildings and objects. This transforms the facade particularly at night to catch consumers attention. We provide light solutions that are a design element and discreetly emphasises the architecture. It transforms a building into a landmark or an attraction

Types of light solutions available :

 Façade Light Solution
 Architecture Decoration
 Landscape Light Solution

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We provide a wide range of light products to suit your needs . Have us with you from the concept/ design stage and we will provide you with fascinating design ideas for your buildings . Our engineering and installation team is also well equipped to deliver complex projects with highest precision.

Our Product Range Includes:

 Pixel Light
 Linear Light
 Media Mesh
 Strip Curtain
 Wall Washer
 Control Systems

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