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We help you develop a visual layer for your digital displays. You can create, deploy and control thousands of digital signage applications with our solution.

We with our partners provide you a platform to connect your employees and consumers to relevant information on any device, in any setting. Our content management systems provide ultimate reliability and an extremely robust operating system. From simple features like multi-region screen layouts and scheduling to specialised features and applications like live data, play triggers and interactivity, our software makes it easy to publish data and content from any source to any screen in a visually engaging format

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This Solutions is a fully integrated user analytics product that is built on face recognition technology. It is an innovative image analysis technique that uses a standard webcam pointing at the intended audience. It analyses the stream of images provided by the camera and estimates the aggregate footfall while counting exactly how many people have actually looked at the media, providing their dwell time, attention time and demographics. It can also collect and analyse large amounts of structured and un-structured data in real-time by recognizing digital face images and capturing emotions from them. With face recognition, you can build a detailed user persona, categorized based on demographics, user movements, behaviour patterns and preferences.

KEY FEATURES of this solution
Scene Analysis | Viewer counting (impressions) | Face detection & tracking | Gender classification | Age classification | Mood Analysis | Passages counting | Embedded web server

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We provide interactive solutions for your digital signage that takes self-service to a whole new level. Be it digital displays for navigating an interactive map, browsing in a store, hotel concierge applications or digital kiosks used for a variety of information, we help you provide your audience a superior engaging digital environment with our touch screen technology.

– Improved user experience
– 100% customised templates
– Robust Data-integration capabilities
– Intelligent Routing for Way finding

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We make your light, sound and display system intelligent to create spectacle.
Pixcom bring together the best controllers together and offers a full-range of control systems to create a perfect environment for both indoor and outdoor spaces. LED lighting fixtures can be precisely controlled with dimmers, push-button devices, wireless touchscreens, intelligent phones, advanced software / hardware solutions, and building management control systems. We offer a full range of light, sound, data control systems that give you the freedom to create a customized environment to impress your customers.

– Stand-alone controllers
– Controller for multiple zones
– Control system for large-scale multi-dimensional façade

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