International Women’s Day: Interview with Samina Yusuf, Manager, Pixcom Group of Companies

At StartUp Terminal, we believe our diversity is our strength. As International Woman’s Day grows near, we celebrate the achievements of women around the world.

To kick off our celebration, we’ve asked Dubai-based Samina Yusuf, Manager – Global Business Solutions at Pixcom Group of Companies, a few questions on her experience achieving success in the corporate world, and what advice she has for women entering the workforce today.


ST: Please tell us briefly about you:

Samina: I would have been a doctor, if I was not so passionate about what I currently do. I have been raised all my life in Dubai with Indian origins. My family has been here since 1972. Coming from a Doctors family, not one myself though, I have always been blessed with all the fun and care within my family and friends circle.  I am an MBA graduate from the UK. I am a selfless person who is very passionate about life and work. Love to travel and explore different places, people and culture. Happily married to the most amazing man for 10 years now.

ST: Who is a woman that inspires you the most and why? 

Samina: Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, she is the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation, chair of Dubai Cares and the Managing Director for the Dubai World Expo 2020 Bid Committee. She played a major role in the UAE’s bid to host the World Expo 2020 in Dubai and is one of the most influential women in the region. She inspires me because of her huge commitment and contribution to her country. Her capability to be successful at such a young age, to have established such great accomplishments, as well as ensuring that her community is being cared for, it is absolutely commendable. If each one of us starts to think and care that way, we could definitely contribute to the society we live in even more. On this occasion, I would also like to highlight that I feel so proud to be a part of the UAE as a resident which I consider to be one of the safest places for women.

ST: How are you celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day?

Samina: In my family, everyday the women are celebrated. But I suppose it will be a fun day out with my beautiful mother who I cherish every moment with. It is a day where I can thank her for having me in this world. And on this note, I would like to ask all those of you who have a woman around you to make them feel extra special on this day by doing whatever makes them happiest.

ST: What is the most important message you want to send out to all the women around the world on this occasion?

Samina: One of my favourite quotes by Oprah is “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

So that’s what I would tell all the women out there, be the queen that you already are and don’t be afraid to fail, because even if you do, you have the strength to pick yourself up and start all over again. We have a moral responsibility to help each other, so don’t worry and step out to achieve your dreams. We have got your back.

ST: What according to you is ‘women empowerment’?

Samina: For me personally, women empowerment and gender equality go hand in hand. I don’t believe in gender roles. I’ve been raised by a strong woman who was always backed by a compassionate man and together they believed that I could be whoever I wanted to be and achieve whatever I set my mind to. So that’s what I believe too, that there is nothing a woman can’t do, if given the equal opportunity and not all of us have that privilege.

ST: What would you say are the main challenges facing women at present globally?

Samina: Stereotype and Societal Perception. We’re in the year 2021 and women still face inequalities and stereotypes at the workplace. We are still asked ‘how will you juggle between both work and family? I think it’s time we are asked, how do you women achieve so much while managing both?

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