Explore Shopping at the Outlet Village Mall

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A LED Digital Screen in your shop window surely allows you to create a high definition impact with your customers. With media facades becoming popular worldwide, Large LED indoor and outdoor Digital Signage is witnessing growing usage in the advertisement world and generating more attention in comparison to other medium of communications. Customized content, sound, and video are combined to give a clear and loud visual appeal.

A store that appears too noisy or cluttered can turn away customers but having LED screens are a great way to communicate and get your message across in the least intrusive and effective manner and will lessen the inflow of distracted and confused customers.

Pixcom installed an attractive LED Screen at The Outlet Village Mall which is a home for more than 100 brands, designer labels & Stylish Chains. The Outlet Village by Meraas is the perfect destination for designer shopping at an affordable range. The LED Screen designed by Pixcom at The Outlet Mall is creating a high definition impact on the customers and help them in choosing the best brands that fit their style and needs.

Pixcom is known for its Premium LED Screens which can be used in the most creative manner to convey the right message to your audience.