Dubai City Walk: Times Square at the Gulf Powered by PIXCOM Technologies

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Proud to be the visual display providers of a benchmark for Digital in the Region 

City Walk , a Meeras Development  was conceptualized to evolve into a city within the city . Meraas wanted to develop a high-end lifestyle-centred space with retail, dining and wellness settings alongside an outdoor entertainment experience. City Walk was meant to provide an engaging, aesthetically pleasing open area for residents and tourists to enjoy, in spite of weather conditions and it’s done all the things right and has managed to be the leading retail destination of Dubai , loved by both residents and tourists. It is not just a retail destination , it is a digitally engaging experience for its visitors and Pixcom Technologies was the soul behind its massive technologic and innovative displays experience. Pixcom curated a digital experience compared to non-other in Dubai and thus the destination popularly came to be called as the  ‘Time Square of Dubai ‘.

It supplied and installed 40 LED Displays in all across the entire destination making it impressive visual treat for the visitors .The two massive LED screens on the gateway  introduces the space, retailers and brands and provide a great avenue for advertisement. An avenue which continues to  attract attention of many. It also supplied large LED poles for advertising , way finding and directory totems across the walkway. Additionally, an architectural LED element known as the Diagrid forms a sort of digital canopy across the space was installed by Pixcom.

City Walk team’s challenged Pixcom to deliver and implement a mammoth digital experience for its customers and we executed this project to perfection and continue to maintain it. We proudly believe this is our best reference for turkey digital  hardware and software supply , installation and maintenance so far but we are not stopping at this and will be reaching out digitally to you through many Meeras and other destinations.